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Early Stage Concept Optimization

Many marketing issues surround the introduction of new products. One of the challenges is identifying the right product benefits to communicate about a product. Benefit ID provides a range of information to help marketers identify, communicate and accentuate the important consumer benefits for new products and services.

Benefit ID will help you:

•  Identify concept appeal.
   - Purchase intent
   - Attribute ratings

•  Determine which attributes have the most impact for consumers in brand selection.
   - Stated Importance (what people claim is important)
   - Derived Importance (what benefits actually impact brand selection)

•  Understand how consumers relate benefits to one another so that communication is not redundant.
   - Factor Analysis
   - Correlation Analysis
   - TURF


A central location concept test is conducted among a client defined target group sample.

•  Consumers are asked to rate an extensive list of attributes in terms of overall importance.

 Concepts that incorporate the attributes being studied are presented to respondents, one at a time and rated on the following measures:

   - Purchase intent
   - Reasons for purchase intent
   - Attribute ratings

•  Using this data, the analytical techniques listed above are employed to identify the optimal combination of attributes which should be used in concept communication.

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